Don't Take Our Words! Hear What They Say About Us.

"I want to sincerely thank you for your help with our wedding outfits! The dress was the perfect length and David's suit fit like a glove. David's suit fits so well!! Its definitely his best suit"
Melissa C.
"Thank you for making my dress exactly how I envisioned it. It's perfect."
Grace C.
"Thanks for fixing mom's pants. She's so picky but your alterations were perfect."
Michael R.
"Mom tried on today the grey Nygard pants from which you removed the thick elastic waistband and replaced it with soft and more breathable jersey. My concern was that the elastic you added could end up being too tight on her. But after several hours of wearing them today, she seems happy! This is a monumental achievement so I just want to thank you for the alteration solution you envisioned and executed. Now, mom’s pretty fickle (won’t we all be at her age …), so I wouldn’t put it past her to decide the elastic needs loosening and I know you included elastic to spare for such a change of mind. I’ll let you know if that happens. Thank you and nice work!"
Andrea K.
"Thank you! You're so fast"
Ruth M.