custom made

We create garment fit especially for you showcasing the best you possible. We want you feel special. Bring your ideas to us and we will bring your vision into reality. From the everyday to that special day, we do it all for you.

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We know that one size does not fit all. No two people are exactly alike. Bring all your garments to us and be will make it fit like it was “made for you”. From simple hems to repurposing loved garments into something new for you. We add a personal touch to ready made garment so that they are yours. 

learn to sew

Have you ever wanted to learn how to sew your own garments or home décor?  Come learn to sew with us! We have classes for every level of sewing enthusiast. From basic to advance sewing, we will teach you all that you need to  complete garments that you can be proud of.

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frequently asked questions

We hem jeans and recreate the original hem. 

We can create garments from pictures and make custom patterns based on your measurements.

You can bring your own fabric and we will evaluate it to see if it will meet your needs.  We will also purchase the fabric for project once fabric swatches have been approved by you.

We guarantee that your garments will be ready within 48 hours

We charge a fee of $50 for consultation of custom garment. When you decide to go ahead, that fee is waived.